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WEAVING/4shaft - Sampler Scarf

WEAVING/4shaft - Sampler Scarf

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Learn how to measure the warp, dress a 4-shaft loom and create multiple woven patterns.  

The scarf is made with a cotton/wool blend yarn and your choice of other yarns for each woven pattern section.  

This is an individual workshop available by appointment.  

Estimated time needed to complete project: 2-5 sessions @ 2-6 hours per session.  About 10-15 hours total.

     Example: Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm (break for lunch)

     Example: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1-6pm


Fee includes all materials: yarn, tools and loom use.



💜 If you fall in love with weaving and want to get your own loom, Leclerc Looms are available to order at Spun.